Chiho Sakata

17 years at Herbalife Nutrition
Advisory Group
DAB - Dietetic Advisory Board
Kagawa Nutrition University
Certifications or Credentials
Professional Association Memberships
The Japan Dietetic Association
Japan Sports Nutrition Association
Special Focus
General Nutrition
Meal Planning
Meal Replacement
Public Health

Chiho Sakata worksĀ on products, communication, internet and SNS in marketing department at Herbalife of Japan from 2011. As holding the National registered dietitian and Health Fitness Programmer, skillful at instructing an improvement of lifestyle-related diseases, obesity prevention, and dietary management through nutrition/exercise.

Providing lectures and training sessions in terms of nutrition/improvement of lifestyle-related diseases for the members or clients from 2006 to the present by working for Member department at Herbalife of Japan. Also involved with preparation of training materials and printings in relation to nutrition/products used by the members, and product-related contents with nutrition/recipe for SNS and Web site. Achieved successful results in weight management for the members and clients through a face-to-face nutritional counseling and telephone counseling at Herbalife of Japan.

After graduation from Kagawa Nutrition University, provided nutrition seminars and lifestyle-related disease supports for participants while carrying out nutrition management (i.e. Menu preparation, therapeutic diet) at companies and elderly facilities approximately for 8 years. For 3 years after the above-described work activities, involved with starting up a lifestyle-related disease program for health insurance society as a client, and then conducted nutrition nutritional counseling and nutrition seminars on the basis of behavior change therapy program for preliminary group of lifestyle-related diseases. Also worked as a recruiter and trainer for home-visit nutritionist to successfully achieve the program.


I like to travel and exercise. Especially, I love to travel by airplane.

Fun Fact
I like to go to live concerts.