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Kent is the Chairman of the Nutrition Advisory Board. Kent is passionate about activating change and challenging individuals and organizations to tap into their leadership potential. He has held senior executive roles in the public and private sector. He is the former President of Safeway Health, a health technology solution and service provider supporting total worker health strategies for large commercial clients. He also served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Safeway, a company with 44 billion dollars in annual revenue and 185,000 employees.

Kent also serves on numerous boards to include the Board of Directors for the Dignity Health System – soon to be the second largest healthcare system in the USA with revenue of over $33 Billion, and the Board of Directors of Concentra Health – the largest occupational health provider in the USA with over 400 clinics. He is involved in multiple community health and wellbeing efforts to include founding a nonprofit, Core Communities. He has worked with multiple health technology companies as a strategic advisor with a special focus on consumer engagement.

Kent is a retired Army Colonel, graduate of the United States Military Academy and has a Master in Public Health from the University of Minnesota, an executive MBA from the University of Denver, and his Medical Degree from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD. He is board certified in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. He has a certificate in Corporate Governance from INSEAD.


Hiking, fishing, and most recently surfing

Fun Fact
Jumped out of airplanes (with a parachute!). Spent at least 6 months in USA, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, and Panama